Letters of Intent

Dear Jesse James,

You are a true jerk.  Why don’t you go call Tiger perhaps you guys could be good friends.  I hope Sandra gets a quick divorce and gets on with her life without you.  I feel sorry for her, she deserves much better than you.  The show Unfaithful was created just for people like you.  Call Tiger up perhaps you can watch it together this Sunday evening on Discovery Health. 


Mrs. Spock

Dear Washington,

Please explain to me why in the world you need a raise.  So many Americans are unemployed and unable to find a job, and most of us won’t get a much needed raise this year.  Yet you deserve one.  Umm, okay why??  Our a deficit is at an all time high, you should be working for free. 

A concerned American

To my kid,

You know that really yummy dish that Mommy made you for supper tonight.  It contained VEGGIES.  Thank you for eatting it and loving it.

A Smart Mommy

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