Last Easter

A look back at last Easter.  R was 9 months and wearing a size 6-9 months dress with size 2 sandals.  She had just learned to crawl and was so happy with her newfound skill.  This year she is 22 months and perfers to run everywhere.  She love bunnies now and call them her “babies”.  This year she is wearing a size 24 months dress and size 6 shoes.  We ate Mexican food for Easter last year and she ate chips and salsa for the first time.  She loves salsa, although we do not give it regularly.  She has many friends now and loves to give hugs.  She is a happy. loving child.  Who also now loves to talk our ears off.  She feel asleep right after church last year in her new car seat and then wanted to play all afternoon long.  She cared less about bunnies, and this year loves em.  She had also just had her first haircut before last Easter.  She has grown and changed so much in one year.  We are very proud of you sweetie!!

R last Easter.
At her Aunt’s birthday party, right after Easter.
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