R really stopped acting like herself on Sunday and that night she did not want to sleep.  A bit odd for her.  Sure enough Monday she started running a fever which only got worse.  Which meant that she went to the dr this afternoon-this kid never goes for sick appts.  That and she rarely runs a fever.  So when I see a temp of 103, I tend to freak.  Thank God, we have a pretty healthy kid.  The result is either Roseola or else just a plain virus.

She has to get better before Easter.  She is going to dress up like a princess!!  We will also better be taking pictures in bluebonnets, which I pray she cooperates.  Being almost 2 who knows.  She will also have her first Easter egg hunt on Sunday.  I Love Easter, I love having a little girl to celebrate Easter with.  Easter is so much better with her in our lives. 

I volunteered to be in her class on Sunday.  R was great, some of the kids weren’t having the best days.  I didn’t link up to Top Two since R is sick.  Two random things about me. 

I have really small narrow feet.  I think my feet are kind of cute but it can hard to find shoes at times.  I have gotten teased about my feet before they where just jealous though.
I love to watch all those Medical shows on Discovery Health. 

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