Letters of Intent

Some weeks I just really look forward to Friday, oh yeah.
Dear Dr,
I realize you have been a doctor for many years.  You seem to be a good one.  However, I seriously doubt that 100 % of kids get Roseola.  I have kept my kid in seclusion due to this.  Yep, no rash.  If she ever does get it fine-but she doesn’t have it at this moment.  Her current ped was off that day.  The fever broke and she is eatting much better.  So Lord willing, this has all passed.  No rain on Sunday afternoon, please.
A parent
Dear Association of Pediatrics,
Stop telling us shots are so darn good.  Because really most shots are not really needed as much as you think.  Like the chickenpox one, which a kid can get chickpox from (live virus).  Besides it is better for our children to build up immunties to these childhood illness, we did.  I am not saying shots are all bad, but really let us decide what is best for our kids.  Instead of pressuring us.  Thank you very much.
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