Easter 2010

We decided to stay home this year.  We spend the majority of holidays away from home and I want to spend some at home.  After church, we ate lunch with Rachel’s great grands.  They got her a new pink bunny which she loves more than bunny we got her.  She loves her Great Grandpa and he loves her.  Then after a nap she hunted eggs.  She didn’t really get the point of getting eggs.  She had one, why would she want another one?  She liked carrying around her basket though.  She was one of the few kids that liked the Easter bunny.  Since Matt took all the pics it might take a while for them to get posted. 

We read her The Easterville Miracle and she likes it, so I have ordered her own copy.  She also brought cookies to her Sunday School class to share with her little friend who also has food allergies.

R is currently reading Goodnight Moon to one of her bunnies, remember she collects bunnies.  Very cute.

Updated: There are some pics on facebook of R that someone else added.

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