Letters of Intent

Dear Rain,
While I like you and everything, and yes we do need rain could you take a day off please.  So my hair won’t look like a frizz ball and my kid can go outside?  Trying to come  up with indoor activies for young kids is not always easy.  To the Weather Channel Mets stop trying to pronounce cities where we live you constantly butcher them and that is very annoying.  We are better than Dallas, so stop saying the storms are in Dallas.  Yeah, I get it you like Dallas.  Well, not all of us do so there.  There is way more to the state of Texas than Dallas, Thank God.
Dear People who Do Not Return Phone Calls,
You annoy me.  Do not put on your voice mail that you will return my call and when you have no intention of returning my call.  Seriously.  I do have a life and it does take time out of my day to call you, so at least be polite and return the call at some point.  Yes, I do realize that you are also busy but still.
Thanks so much,
To Our local Public Library,
I love putting books on hold and then picking them up later.  I have done this for months, with no problems.  Then I got my book yesterday well that is NOT the book I wanted, nor is it a book I would normally read.  The problem is I don’t remember the book I really wanted.  I blame you guys for this.  Please make sure this won’t happen again.
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