Prayers for

A tornado hit East End, Arkansas on Friday night.  My best friend from college grew up there.  Her family is fine and so is the new house she bought.  However, so many others are not.  Please pray for them and for the state of TN.  The flooding is bad, and the water may not start to recede until next weekend.  Pray that this tornado season won’t be that bad.  I hate tornados, and we haven’t lost anything or anyone to storm yet.  Sometimes, I wonder will we ever though.  I know I hate that thought.

R is sleeping well tonight.  She really hasn’t been sleeping well for about a month.  We are seeking answers.  We have to, she gets cranky and the stress level is up.  I almost offered orange juice instead of her milk, at breakfast last week not good.  She got a tricyle this weekend-she likes it but can’t really reach the pedals yet.  I think we might put it up for a few months. 

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