Sickness again

R has had recurring ear infections.  Causing great pain and discomfort.  She is on her 2nd antibotic.  She has never had problems with her ears until now.  She is going to start to seeing a chiropractor which will help.  Pray she gets over this and starts to feel better soon.  We could all use a bit more sleep. 

In other words, R’s birthday party is being planned after her birthday.  We may be traveling around her birthday and other stuff so it is later that month.  Besides we did not want several parties.  We have ordered the cake a beautiful Hello Kitty cake.  That looks so yummy.  She has no clue, she just likes Hello Kitty.  She will love her party.  Ironically, we plan to have her party on her orginal due date.  She got a toddler bed this week and a toy (John Deere) tractor which she loves.  Forget the dolls, she prefers tractors and cars.  She then got to eat Chicken at Luby’s.  I also took her swimming by myself this week.  She really just put her feet in but she loves the pool.  It stormed yesterday, which she did not like.  I put her in charge of the flashlight and that she did like.  It had not rained in a month seriously.  So we where ready for the rain.  However when you ask God to bring the rain, you might be careful.  I love rain.  Such a big girl!!  Mommy and Daddy love their big girl!!!

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