I thnk she’s feeling better

R’s medicine has been messing up her tummy so we are giving her stuff to counteract that.  She only has two more doses of meds left.  She is taking vitamins and emergen-c to boost her immune system back up.  She really does not care for the emergen-c, will keep trying it though. She is doing great on her manners these days.  She hands you something she says “Thank You”.  She knows to say please and usually will unless she is in a defiant mood.  Like yesterday. I told her to say “Please” she said “No”.  I was like do you really want this she thought about it and then after much tears said “Please”.

She decided to dump the rest of the box of cereal on the carpet this morning and then she drove her tractor through the mess.  Then when I was not looking she grabbed a handful of cookies, stuffed them all in her mouth at once. 

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Library and park tomorrow morning with friends, Birthday party that night.  Saturday more playing with friends.

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