After breakfast, R started getting sick.  I really don’t think it is anything except for her food allergies.  We have an appt to have her tested in June.  We are trying to have it moved up.  She needs it and so do we.  We do have some rough days but not usually like this.  She did eat a plain waffle this afternoon.  She enjoys going to the chiro they bribed her with cookies.  I had to give in.  Then she got to see some dogs.  She picked out a older, fluffy dog. 

This Mommy is tired of fluffy animals.  We will stick with Princess for now, thanks.  She is great with R.  They love each other. I have had a ton of laundry to do today.  The sick kiddo didn’t help.  She had to also have 2 baths.  After her stomach settled, she ate a plain waffle and some other stuff.  After a ride around the neighborhood, she is sleeping well.  She is doing things she wasn’t doing last week, and her clothes fit tighter. Besides, I know she is feeling better when she starts to ask for cookies.  Cookies are not a staple in her diet, and the only one she usually gets are organic animal crackers.

Can a kiddo know at this age that they have some food allergies?  There is one food R will not touch, and we are fairly certain she is allergic to it.  I did not think she was allergic to what I gave her and yeah, I ate the same thing.

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