Letters of Intent

It’s Friday, YEAH!!!!
Dear Self,
I know you are looking forward to the weekend and everything.  But waking up yesterday and thinking it’s friday is wishful thinking.  Tomorrow is friday.
Dear R,
I really wish you could tell me when your tummy is hurting instead of fussing and then getting sick.  Just bear with us, we are figuring out what is going on.  Also, drinking the water in the bathtub is not the best.  It is really kind of gross actually.  I freaked out your sitter when I told her you do this.  So please don’t go wild when you have a sitter. 
Your Mommy
Dear Citizens of our City,
Lately, I am really getting irritated.  Police, Fire, and Paramedics work hard every single day.  They work hard to help us out.  So it really bothers me when ppl diss them.  The deserve respect for the job they do.  I have friends who do these jobs.  They do them because they love them not for the pay or anything else.  They are citizens just like us.  So making fun of them is not correct, ever.  Yes, there are a few bad apples out there but the majority of them are not.  You will eventually need them. 
Thank you,
Mrs. S
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