Dear R Wednesday’s Walk

Dear R,

Tomorrow you are 2!!!  You are getting way too big these days.  Gone are the days of my little baby.  You are a beautiful toddler/almost preschooler.  You love to dance, sing and climb on everything.  You love animals and reading books.  You love Miffy and Veggies Tales or as you say “Bob Veggie”.  You love your “fishies,” and you love swimming.  I realize at times it hasn’t been the easiest, sorry about that.  You love to play with your friends, and you are quite the social kiddo.  You definetely have your favorite people, and they know it.  You are spoiled rotten with love.  I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.  Remember, you are loved near and far.  Your second year of life has flown by, literally.  Could it slow down just a little?  I don’t like getting rid of some of your stuff, so I haven’t.  I keep telling your daddy he will just have to live with it.  Most of the time he lets me dress you like a fairy princess which I love.  As long as, you have your baseball cap, you are happy.  You love to wear sandals, just like Momma.  You love Mexican food. You have just started to pick out your shoes and put them on.  In the last 5 months, you have changed so much with your speech and your words.  You just learned to say Happy Birthday, and are saying it to your toys.  It is almost your Birthday, silly girl.  We love you so much!!!!

Mommy and Daddy

Here is proof that you do have bad days.  When you are dramatic you are very dramatic.
This was supposed to have posted this morning and didn’t I am sorry.
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