Letters of Intent

Dear Waitress, 

Yeah, I heard you flirted and tried to get my husband’s number.  HAND’S OFF.  He is happily married and a father.  To a little girl who has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.  I know where you work.

To the woman who ran in to me,

Yeah, I get the fact that you said sorry.  But to start making comments about after you said sorry.  Well, the sorry does not count in my mind.  You hit me in the knee thank you very much.  At the time my kid was with me so I could have been injured.  You had no right hit me and next time you better pay attention.  Most ppl aren’t that nice when they get run into.  Also, to all the parents out there who decide not to watch your kids at the splash pad.  GRRRR.  My kid is 2, yeah 2.  I get really mad when my kid is messed with.  Do not touch, or push my kid.  I will get very angry if anyone messes with my kid.  Or my family.

Mrs. Spock

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