Light at the end of the tunnel

I am not sure if there can be a long and short version but here goes.  R started to develop a red rash on Thursday afternoon, I spent the day babysitting for a friend.  So I did not notice the rash until right before bed.  She took her meds.  Should not have done that one. 

She tossed and turned that night.  However, she seemed ok.  So I gave her some benadryl and we went to the park and library.  She came home and took a short nap.  She woke up not ok, rash everywhere it had gotten worse.  I gave her a cool bath, and dressed her in footed pjs.  I noticed she was scratching before the bath.  We took her to the ER I felt it was best.  She was given a shot which did not help she got worse.  We noticed that at midnight, so went back to the ER.  She was given a epi shot.  She is very allergic to amoxcillin as am I.  For the most part, her dad and I have the same drug allergies.  I have told the drs this since the beginning. 

She is itching really bad, and looks bad due to the itching. Today, Sunday she started running a fever but it really is not that bad.  We can control it with Tylenol.  She really has not slept that much at all Lord willing, tonight she will sleep.  She can run a fever with this it is normal.  She has to stay on Prednisone for a while.  She also has to be closely montiored or this could come back.  She is itching less today-Sunday.  We put socks on her hands and she did stop itching.  Plus, she did not take them off.  The redness and hives are coming down.  She is starting to look much better.  The epi wore off as of this afternoon.  We still need and welcome prayers.

Hopefully, we can all get some rest tonight.  I really missed not being at church today.  Honestly, I wanted to be there so bad that  I was willing to take R.  Not with a fever though. 


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  1. Oh my goodness, poor baby girl!! Do they have any idea what's causing it? Was it the amoxicillan allergy? My parents were told when they adopted me that I was allergic to penicillin also, so I've never tested it! I hope she feels better soon!!!

  2. It will post the comments on this for some odd reason. Yes. she is very allergic to Amox. Actually, called erythema multiforme. She is feeling much better now though. She follows up with her dr on Thursday.

  3. well know the comment shows up.

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