Self Defense

This afternoon we took R to a resturant with a playground in the back.  It is in the shade and great for kids of all ages.  Well. she had fun on the older kids play equip but I did not want her to get run over by them.  So I took her over to the toddler play area.  Wrong choice.  R likes to go up slides after she slides down them.  Well, this little girl barely bigger than R decided she did not like her doing that.  So she slapped her twice hard across the back of her head.  That had me seeing red.  Another woman, there with her kid gasped.  I was like excuse me but what right do you have to hit my kid.  Little pain in the butt lies, I didn’t hit her.  Oh, yes you did and I have witnesses to prove it I told her.  Then a few mins later her dad (really great guy NOT) come out, well kids will play rough you know.  Ugh.  The kid comes by it naturally.  It is never ok, to hit another kid.  R was great though she never cried and ignored the girl.

I have decided in light of recent events, that when she is older she is taking self defense classes.  I don’t want her to ever hit or bully another kid.  I do want her to be able to defend herself though.  After we ate, I took her back over to the big kid play area.  Hey, at least those kids where nicer.  She liked that play area better anyway.


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  1. Right! Self defense techniques once learned will always be useful. Thanks for sharing your story. I would also recommend pepper spray. Pepper spray is also the best self protection device for women these days.

  2. Agree completely with self defense classes. That poor kid…. if they had a parent who cared they would not behave that way. Lazy parents! My child is not the least bit "rough" so I don't think it's "just how kids play". You handled the situation much better than I think I would have. Glad it did not hurt R's spirits and she kept on having a great time! People like that are why I don't like taking my little one out too much.

  3. I don't think she came from the best home. The parents aren't married to each other. They weren't watching her. But the worse part is lying about hitting another kid at age 3!!!! Really makes you wonder.I can't protect her from everything. So to not take her out would be unfair to her in my opinion. She isn't going to public school.

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