Thank You Very Much

This is my first time trying this so here goes. Free Therapy Day.  Who doesn’t like that.  Thank You Very Much to.

Our neighbor for getting a miniature rottweiler.  Then not keeping said dog on a leash.  We have a leash law.  Also, the dog has feelings please keep this in mind.  We do have small kids and small dogs in our area.

You can thank me for turning you in for not having said dog on a leash.  HA!!

To local school districts for not hiring my friend as a teacher.  She is a great teacher and that is your loss. 

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  1. Ack… drives me nuts when people don’t think of safety for others around their dog! Hopefully they’ll get the message soon and put their new pet on a leash for their dog’s safety too.
    Welcome to TYVM!

  2. Oh I can’t stand it when an animal isn’t on a leash. Even CATS! They kill my birds and squirrels and then leave them on our deck! The law extends to them as well but nobody enforces it.

    And what a shame that your friend didn’t get that job. Like you said it was probably their loss!
    Have a blessed day!

  3. It makes me mad when school systems have the “good old boy” system in place and you have to know somebody to get in. It really cuts out a lot of good teachers when they opt for nepatism.

    My parents are from S. Tx. (well, I guess S. Central, maybe?) and my dad (and uncles, cousins, even a brother-in-law) are Aggies. We’re also big SEC fans!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up!!

    I hate when people just let their dogs run around and the dogs don’t stay in their own yard. Our dog is only outside of the fenced area if we are with her, and she’s not allowed to run all over. There are reasons for leash laws.

  5. I have always been a fan of keeping your dog at home. (That’s why I don’t like cats, you can’t keep them home they wonder) We have an invisible fence and our dogs NEVER leave our property!

    Good luck with that! – Sorry about your teacher friend, jobs are so hard to come by now a days!

  6. I jumped ship on Blogger about a month and a half ago myself. So glad I did!

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