Letters of Intent

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.

So the other day on fb this was my status.  I add someone in mind when I posted this as my status.  Well, ironically that person liked my status.  HA!! The joke is on you.

Dear Perfect Person,

I really dislike you.  I am tired of you talking about my family and everything.  I am tired of your lies and everything.  You ARE not a perfect Christian.  There is no such thing.  I can see through your cheap lies.  I am tired of hearing about all of your woes.  I would have said something before now, but I can’t say something seeing as you are pregnant.  You can thank hubby for that one.  BTW, your parenting advice also stinks.


The Woman who rolls her eyes when you start talking

Dear Blogger,

There is a reason why this blog moved.  You wouldn’t let me sign in for days.  Then  you tell me you “lost the blogs” I follow.  Thanks.  That causes a person to get mad.  I don’t miss you.


Ms. Spock


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  1. Bwhahaha- gotta love when a FB status confuses the person it is intended for. One thing that gets my goat are legalistic Christians. However, one day they will grow out of that stage. 🙂 Most likely when that baby is born and doesn’t fit her idea of how life is supposed to be.

    Thanks for linking up, I’m impressed you moved to WordPress!

  2. I don’t blame you for switching! I would be so mad if all the blogs I follow were lost! What on earth would I do during naptime?LOL! Don’t let that “perfect person” get to you! We aren’t designed to love everyone effortlessly. Loving some people can be quite a challenge.

  3. I have had trouble with blogger too. Grrr.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment. I love to meet new blog friends.
    Amen to there are no perfect Christians…we are only forgiven.

  4. I haven’t had any problem with Blogger…yet!
    We had a neighbor who insisted that some of her neighbors were prosecuting her because they were Christians…they were swindlers of the worst kind!

  5. I am this close to moving to wordpress… Blogger has one more time to test me! LOL

    And I agree about the first letter. More than you know. Hang in there!

    Stopping by from the Foursons!

  6. Oy – there are times I want to blog about something, but I know that the person I want to blog about will read it and just cause more drama… and FB is the same way, LOL! Funny that they didn’t realize it was about them, right?!?

  7. Yeah, people usually have no clue of how they really are.
    I hope blogger don’t give me trouble!

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