Meet R

I could list so many reasons why I blog but she is the main one.  She still tries to chew on odd things, she has jaw problems.  Getting better at it though.  This picture was taken last summer during the dog days of summer.  They where dog days and very hot.  These days she runs everywhere.

She decided she wanted to watch Backyardigans this afternoon.  I find them a bit annoying.  She is so used to watching PBS.  I gave in, she watched.  She DID NOT watch Yo Gabba Gabba.  She danced to the music.  Her latest word that she says way too much is “GO AWAY”.  Then again, maybe she is saying it to the flies.  We love you R, even on days like today.  When you are being defiant and oh so 2.

This blog was started to be about R.  To show family and friends of her progress.  I have often wondered since then why I keep blogging.  He (God) keeps giving me more reasons.  Like her food allergies and the problem with shots.  If only I could get over this stupid cold, NOW.


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  1. That is exactly why we started our blog too. To capture down all the memories with our Princess. I actually have made one book from our posts too (Shutterfly book).

    Have a great weekend. 😉

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