Tropical Storm Alex

Hey, it is R again.  Back to blogging.  Mommy has a cold, compliments of me.  So I am blogging again.

I am your hurricane authority.  Ok, not really.  I just repeat what they tell me.  It could hit Texas is all I know.  Daddy told Mommy last night we need a hurricane plan.  If one should hit you know.  I think she rolled her eyes.

Mommy has lived here for years and never had a hurricane plan.  But after experiencing some of Katrina, he thinks we need a plan.  I say we sit outside and watch it hit.  If it gets really bad, we go inside and grill hotdogs.  I like hotdogs.  Make sure you have your bunny with you, at all times.  Sounds like a great plan to a 2-year-old!!!

I got to go on a water slide with Daddy today.  My first ever.  I put on a life jacket and then he took me on this big slide.  We had to wait for a while but that was ok.  We really got wet at the end but that was ok.  I love slides!!  Then we got in the wading pool but some “kid” had an accident, so we had to get out again.  Thanks kid. It was still fun, but I wanted to swim some more.


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  1. When we lived in SC we had a tornado plan, but lived too far in to have a hurricane plan. Friends who had kids in college in Charleston had a plan, though.

  2. Yuck cold! Good idea to have a plan… just in case! Lula Mae loves to slide too! A water slide would make her day!

  3. We have lived in tornado alley for years as well. We don’t live on the coast. Although, I would love to flooding would be an issue. I have seen two floods in the last couple years. We get more flooding, and wind damage from a hurricane. Praying it doesn’t too much damage to the coast, it supposed to make landfall around Brownsville.

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