Thank You Very Much

To the Xbox for no longer working, Thank You Very Much.

To Hurricane Alex for bringing us rain and cooler weather.  Thank You Very Much

To R for sleeping in this morning and still taking a nap, Thank You Very Much.

To R for drinking some of your “new” milk, by me tricking you.  I told her it was water.  Ha-ha! Thank You Very Much.


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  1. Haha! I have to trick my kids in to drinking milk too! Usually I add chocolate.
    Love, LOVE it when kiddos sleep in AND take naps!
    Thanks so much for linking up, even though Kmama is out of town!

  2. HA! Our Wii finally gave out about a month ago and I was doing the happy dance while my boys were looking at me in disbelief and crying! 😛

  3. R is allergic to all forms of diary, but loves milk. So her are trying to get her to drink coconut milk.

  4. So you didn’t need a Hurricane Plan after all? I’m with R … hold onto the bunny and eat hot dogs! 🙂

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