Hurricane and Confessions

No, we did not need a hurricane plan.  Alex hit Mexico and Brownsville.  Do we have a hurricane plan sort of.  However, we do welcome the cooler weather and rain.  Praying for more rain!!!  I love rain in the summertime!!

R is allergic to all DIARY.  Problem is she loves diary.  Milk especially.  We have tried almond and coconut milk.  She hates both.  Yesterday, she would drink the coconut milk cold.  Today nada.  She normally drinks milk warm.  We need her to drink it.  Do not suggest chocolate my kid hates chocolate.  No joke.  What can we do to get her to drink it??? 

I have never seen the Twilight movies.  Yeah, I know  I am in what the 5th percent.  I am considering seeing the movies.  Gimme reasons why I should.  If not I will just see something else.

Looking forward to this weekend.  A woman that I grew up knowing, I guess you could call her like a grandma.  Well, her great-granddaughter has a birthday and it will be here.  R is invited.  She has played with her greats before she is right between their ages and their parents are such great people.  We enjoy seeing them when they are in town, and wish they lived closer.  We plan on seeing fireworks which we have not done in years.  Our church is having a thing on Sunday afternoon.

R had a dr appt today and it went well.  They tried to measure her and while it wasn’t accurate she has grown.  I never measure my kid, it is way too hard.  We just get her new clothes.  She is eating like a horse again.  She ate lunch at a friend’s house 2 pb sandwiches, and 3/4 of a tortilla.  Another growth spurt??

I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July weekend.


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  1. Poor baby……my daughter’s friend (who was 9 at the time) was having horrible problems……stomach pains, rashes, just all kinds of weird things and they finally found out it was dairy and she has been doing awesome since not eating it anymore. Hopefully, all of her symptoms will go away and she’ll feel so much better! Just keep trying the different alternatives. I’m sure it’s totally not the same, but maybe she’ll acquire a taste for it after awhile? Good luck!!

  2. The almond milk: was it unsweetened? Just wondering because I bought some of the vanilla and it was really good.
    I’m in the 5% who hasn’t seen or read Twilight and have no desire or plans to. I just don’t get into vampires!

  3. Lula Mae hated when we switched her to milk when she was one. We tried chocolate and she hated it too. She would only drink it out of a straw sippy cup. Not sure why though. Have you tried lots of different cup options? Worth a shot. Perhaps a drop of some kind of flavor extract or additive? Vanilla? I don’t know! I hope she gets to drinking it soon!

    Um I haven’t seen the movies either. Don’t care not one bit. Too busy for movies anyway! Unless it’s Toy Story! We will be going to see that on our date night soon. If it is ok we may take Lula Mae to see it one afternoon.

    Glad R is eating better. Lula Mae has been too! She ate green beans with us for dinner the past couple of nights and we are THRILLED! I know she is going through a growth spurt too but how she is eating and sleeping. Plus her mood shows it pretty well too! I don’t measure Lula Mae either… I leave that to the doctor visits! LOL!

    Hope your 4th was fun!

  4. The almond, I am not sure if it was. We tried the almond milk months ago. The coconut milk we bought the sweet and unsweet. She prefers the sweet. alittle. Would love to send rain to East Tn. Too bad, I can’t.

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