Letters of Intent

Dear Lord,

I had a bad day the other day.  You know that, I know that.  I had the time to reflect and think while R slept.  That night I was able to help out and that helped so much.  You always know what is best for me, help me to never forget that.  I will have struggles, but you are always there.  Thank you.  R keeps bringing me quote books from the bookshelf.  No clue, why but you know.  Thanks for the reminders.   Help me to always keep my focused on the prize.

Love always,

Mrs. Spock

Dear Stomach Bug,

It wasn’t bad enough that you got all of us sick, but to get my grandparents and their friends.  SERIOUSLY.  I can deal with it, kinda hard on an older body.  Also, please do not visit my house once a year.  Since R  came along you have done that.


Mrs. Spock

Dear Readers and Lurkers,

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for the hugs.  With my bad day so many of you gave me hugs or prayed.  Thank you!! You made a bad day, better.  Lurkers feel free to leave a comment.  I don’t bite! 

Love ya,

Mrs. Spock


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  1. Sorry it was a bad day. I hope that good days are ahead.

  2. Funny how he sends little reminders through our sweet little gifts! I hope your grandparents are doing better. Any sickness is no fun, but on older ones it is a bit scary! I hope next year the bug passes by your house! Happy Friday!

  3. Aw, sorry you were having such a rough time. But I’m happy you found solace through Him.

    Stomach bugs are horrible. Hopefully everyone is over it by now!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Ewww.. we just had the stomach bugs around here not to long ago. Hope everyone gets better soon!

  5. Lovely letters! Sorry you’ve been ill. Hope you feel fabulous again pronto!

  6. Hugs! Stomach bugs are miserable – blech! Here’s hoping they go away quick and stay away! Praying for peace in whatever is going on for you today.

  7. Oh no…not the stomach bug. I totally hate that. We have prayed it away from our house for the past two years. Thank you God. Nothing more I hate than the stomach bug. Yuck. Hope everyone is better and that it doesn’t visit again.

  8. isn’t it fun when lurkers comment once and awhile? 🙂 I had someone come up to me at an event in June and say they knew me from my blog and read all the time. She just never comments! it was weird and fun and I encouraged her to comment. 🙂 sorry about the bug going around. we have runny noses here. hope you all are better soon!

  9. Love how God uses people that way! Hope you and your family are feeling much better soon!

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