Letters of Intent

Yeah, Friday is here.  I look oh so forward to Fridays. Happy Friday, ya’ll.

Dear R,
You are way too smart for your own good.  Please stop growing so fast!! Love your grey kitten since she is the only pet you have now.  Do not be too cruel to her.  Stop trying to feed her your cereal, she prefers her cat food.
Dear African Dust,
I loathe you.   You make me sneeze and we both feel miserable every single morning.  Please go away soon.
Dear Sister of Mine,
I miss you.  The state of Texas misses you.  Your niece misses you.  She is growing up way too quickly, she needs your influence.  Although, you will most likely help her get into trouble.  It is ok, we love you.  Please move back soon!!!  Or much closer at least. 
Love your family
Dear Spam,
I hate you.  Your comments are really not funny or needed.  Leave me alone.  I get some very interesting spam trust me on this one. 

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  1. Oh how I tell Lula Mae that same thing every morning… not about the cat or the cereal, but about growing up too fast 😦 Not sure what African Dust is but I hope it is gone SOON!!!!!! And I hope your sister listens 😉 Spam has gotten bad, I hate it more than telemarketing! Yuck!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Kids do grow up sooo fast! Why does that happen? When we were kids time seemed to move so slowly. I hope your sister can come visit soon. Thanks for linking up!

  3. They do grow up way too fast. Mine will all be in school this fall *sigh*
    I hate spam comments too. So dumb

  4. Wow! what a summary and intro to yourself! Nice to meet you!!

  5. i’m over from lynnette’s blog- i am enjoying reading your blog and i am LOVING these friday letters… so sweet and precious to your family! i’ve enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your blog!



  6. stopping by from Lynette’s blog, will come back later to read more.

    Have a great day!

  7. I hate spam too!!!

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