Our week in review

On Tuesday, R went to the zoo with friends.  On Thursday, I took her swimming she didn’t want to stay that long.  We went swimming again this weekend. She loves the splash pad with it’s little water slide. 

She loves fishies.  I am not looking forward to the pool closing in a little over a month.  These days R eats and eats all day long.  She was 34 inches as of her birthday.  Then the appetite kicked in.  I need to take pictures at the pool before it closes.  She wore pigtails to class today, and looked so cute!!  She left them in till we got home.  She definitely has her Mommy’s irish blood in her.  All of her food allergies come from her dad’s side.  She has a chance to outgrow them or at least be less severe. 

Please be praying for a friend of mine who is looking for a job.  She is a great teacher who needs a job!


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  1. Kyndra loves swimming and I’m sure she’ll be sad once summer is over and she can’t go outside to swim anymore.

    Hopefully she’ll outgrow some of her allergies!

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