Not Parents of the Year

I literally only briefly tried to be supermom when she was really little.  I gave it up quickly cause she was winning.  This Sunday, we misplaced R.  Yes, literally.

It is comical to look back and realize it.  She was with a lifeguard the whole time.  She someday will most likely be angry at me for writing this, oh well.  I imagine the conversation between R and the lifeguard went like this.

Lifeguard:  What is your name?

R: Mimi

Lifeguard: What’s your daddy’s name?

R:  Daddy

Lifeguard:  What is your Mommy’s name?

R:  Mommy

Then if no showed up one they would have to page the parents of Mimi, I guess?

Not sure.

She was only misplaced for a very brief period of time.  No, she still doesn’t call herself  by her name.  She prefers to call herself “Mimi”.


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  1. Yikes! Scary!! I’m glad she was quickly found!

  2. My name is Mimi. Too cute that she calls herself that. reminds me of the time we were at the zoo and I thought agent had Model and he thought I had her and she was just standing by the lions looking for us both. Poor thing. So glad she was fine the whole time.

  3. Now comes the time in life when the realize when you teach them that Mommy’s name is actually something different them “Mommy”

    Glad she wasn’t lost long.

  4. Pretty scary for you I bet! I have been trying to teach Lula Mae my name and our phone number… we are having very little success!!!! She does call herself by her name though. A lot. If we could only get them to know our names and phone numbers from birth!!!! We would worry so much less!!!

  5. That is scary! We lost middle son at a small mall one time…I thought he was with husband, and he thought he was with me. Some sweet lady brought him to us and told us that he was in the parking lot!

  6. Oh my goodness – that is funny in retrospect (only after the initial teror!) Love how she called herself Mimi!

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