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Dear Dawn,

I realize you love my kid, and she loves you.  We love you.  However, you started a major addiction in my child.  Not sure if I thank you for that one.  You bought her a Minnie Mouse shirt, she now only wants to wear this shirt.

Her favorite toy has changed to Minnie Mouse, she sleeps with a Minnie almost as big as her.  She carries this toy everywhere!!! I do mean everywhere!!!  When I am staying up late to look up Minnie clothing and stuff for my kid, that is when I realize this addiction has gone too far.  Yes, we have a Disney store in our mall.  When asked what store should we visit today at the mall, R pointed to the store and loudly said “Mickey’s store.”  Houston, we have a problem.

Thanks for being her adopted grandma,


Dear Payless,

I really did not care for the way I was treated when I decided to return my shoes.  Although, you did not say much the air was thick.  Like why would you want to return these shoes?  Well, I did.  I really do not feel like shopping any of your stores for shoes again.  I can just use my coupons and go elsewhere.  Since I will be looking for boots for R and I for this winter, it is your lose.  If anyone ever knows where I can find cute toddler boots at a great price let me know!

Your shoes aren’t that cute

I returned em and got a cute pair of wedges, very happy.  So is my shoe obsessed kid who comes by it naturally!  HA!!!

Dear Aunt Tay,

Thanks for coming to visit me.  I love you.  You are so cool.  I enjoyed all the fun that I had with you.  We really need to get together more in the future.  I look up to you and want to be your Mini-me.  Do you think they will let me change my legal name to Mimi??

Your adoring niece,

R aka Mimi

She was happy really, it was just really hot outside 100 degrees.


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  1. I think she should change her name to Mimi. I kindof like that name 🙂
    Oh my kids have favorite outfits too. I have to remind them that they just wore that. 🙂 I think they all go through those phases.

  2. Awww, R is so cute! I’m new to the girl stuff, but sometimes I notice Old Navy has cute shoes. One of my boys has a shoe fetish, so I could tell you all about boy shoes. HAHA! 😉

  3. Awesome letters! One of my grandkids went through a phase where he wouldn’t wear anything unless it was BLUE. A specific shade of blue TYVM! And NO cartoon characters! We wound up washing his clothes at least every other night! 🙂

  4. Love the Minnie addiction! Our home is overrun with Tinkerbell right now – I feel your pain!

  5. Try Target for boots. 🙂

    Can’t blame the girl for loving Minnie. She’s cute, she’s stylish, and she’s nice to everyone! Who doesn’t like Minnie?

    Thanks for linking up, good luck w/the name change!

  6. I always like to look at toddler shoes at Ross. 🙂

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