The guy that helped deliver R died in July.  We got the letter this week.  He died rather unexpectedly.  I have never seen either dr again since she was born.  I would rather not get into I choose to find another dr.  If you wish to know more just ask.  We also dumped that hospital. I have a great dr now, whom I love.

I feel sorry for the man’s family and all believe me.  But it turns out the guy was one of the few drs that will perform abortions.  I really hope and pray the dr who is taking over his patients will not be doing that.  I could say so much more on this, but I choosing to end it here.


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  1. I went to the large practice here in town when I got pregnant with our baby Taylor. They treated us terribly. Then, when I miscarried, they tried to schedule me for a d and c without even confirming by ultrasound that the baby really had passed. I was livid. I refused the procedure, walked out of the office, got my file from the front desk and never went back to that place. My doctor now is amazing. He delivered both my babies. I went to him for a second opinion with the miscarriage too. He told us that the d and c was completely unnecessary. I think that a d and c is basically an abortion. If the baby is meant to pass, it will. In God’s time. Not ours. I hate you had a bad experience too. Glad you have a great doctor now though. It makes a huge difference when you have a doctor you love and trust! Have a great weekend. Also, you can’t change the fact that doctors will perform abortions, or the fact that some woman will do it, but you can pray for them. That is really all you can do. Give it to God. Nothing is too big for Him.

  2. I find myself glad that he is no longer able to do abortions. So many ppl painted him as a hero and that makes me ill.

    I am sorry for what you went for.

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