I really do not hate August.  You see August gives me hope that fall is right around the corner.  And everyone who knows me knows I love FALL.  The last two years August has been way too hot.  Temps in the 100’s and just miserable.  I find myself praying for fall to come soon.  I am sure Mimi hates August too.  Hubby’s bday is in August though, and Mimi’s siblings bday would have been August too.

But there is hope!  It  is currently raining, with thunder even!  It hasn’t rained in 4 weeks, and so even a brief shower like this gives me hope.  The weather is supposed to getting cooler.  Which we would gladly welcome at this point.  I am looking at winter clothes for Mimi, well not coats.  Can’t you tell I am so ready for fall.  I even want a cold winter this year.  With snow!!!  My kid is 2 and has not seen snow.  That is a crying shame.  I am not asking for too much am I?  I forgot to add that yesterday was the hottest day of the year, we beat the record set last year on the same date.  Thirty minutes after the record was set it was raining bringing the temps down to 80 degrees!!!  So nice.

Yeah, R wants to change her name to Mimi.  Her Daddy isn’t too crazy about it.  We do kind of like ok love her name.  Mimi is a cute name though, and I am sure this is only temporary.  She is keeping her middle name.


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  1. Our weather has been slightly cooler lately and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s nice that’s it’s not hot and deathly humid out!

  2. I love fall… this hot weather is for the birds!!

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