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Hubby has a new job.  Which I still cannot talk about.  I am pretty sure he will like it though.  He will have to travel more at first and we can’t go with him.  She has another ear infection at the moment though, and we think the dr will say tubes.  Pray for us on that one.  Her follow-up appt is this friday. 

Mimi this week has started to say, “God Bless you”.  I have told her when she sneezes bless you since she was a baby.  Well, she might put a God in front of it.  She says this when a person sneezes or if she thinks something is wrong with a person.  Very cute.  She is a ham for the camera, and has started to say “Cheese”.  She used to hate cameras, and Mommy is very happy she is becoming photogenic. 

She still loves Minnie and I give in.  Daddy is starting to roll his eyes, but he would not have it any other way.  I have loved Mickey and Minnie since I was a kid, and still do.  So for her to like them is too cute!!!!   Who doesn’t love Minnie anyway??  She is always fashionable.

We have signed up to go on Spring Break skiing vacation next Spring.  Hubby is looking forward to it.  I am not sure about taking a (then)  2 1/2 year old.  He really wants to go to Colorado though.

The bad thing she does these days is she wants to tear books.  Any suggestions on how to end this quickly?


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  1. Congrats on hubbie’s new job! And bummer about the ear infection! I’ve had several sets of tubes – praying for wisdom for you in her treatment.

    No suggestions on the book tearing thing… I just never did it as a kid because I loved reading them!

  2. Yay a new job! Praying it is fantastic!

    I sure hope tubes are not in her future. But if they are I am sure she will be much happier with how she feels. God will point you in the right direction when the time to make a decision comes. I am sure of that.

    I am a Disney buff too. So it is in Lula Mae’s blood to love Mickey and Minnie! I think it is in R’s too! LOL At least Minnie is appropriate! I know way too many tots who are in love with some terrible characters!

  3. that is awesome that hubs got a new job. I hope that it all works out and he loves it. I don’t have suggestions for that…Mine never tore books. Maybe let her know that books are our friends that we have to treat them gently.
    It is nice to have a child that likes their picture taken. I have one out of the three. 🙂

  4. Hope hubby’s new job goes well! Hope tubes aren’t necessary though they’re certainly better than constant ear infections. Ski vacation sounds great. Is leaving your girl with grandparents or other relatives an option so you could enjoy a couple’s getaway?

  5. No suggestions on the books except to maybe get her some with rip-proof pages to hold and you hold the paper ones until she’s a bit older.

  6. How cute that she says God bless you. Kyndra will say bless you.

    Hope your hubs likes his new job!

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