Letters of Intent



Dear R,

Despite all the problems you have had with ears and other stuff, you have been such a Trooper.  Thanks.  You really do not let stuff get you down.  If we can just get your appetite back now that would be a good thing.  Thanks for taking a good nap yesterday.  No, I will not let you eat a lot of your cookies again today. 



Dear Daddy,

Why can’t I can my name to Mimi.  It is a really cute name.  Mommy calls me Mimi, but you say no I must go by my given name.  I prefer to be called Mimi.  I am 2, I should be able to pick my own name.  Just wanted to tell you that.

Love ya,


Dear Followers, Lurkers and Visitors,

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I love comments and will visit your blog.  I usually visit blogs on Monday.  Hubby thanks you for all the Birthday wishes!

Love ya,



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  1. Hi! Stopping in from Julie’s and I understand all the ear issues. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Yay for good naps! I’ll go ahead and take that extra portion of cookies so R won’t have to concern herself about them.

    I know a blogger named Mimi and she is the best. I’m thinking it sounds like a good name!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Hey Sara!

    Good luck getting Rs name changed! LOL!


  4. Ok, I am totally giggling at the thought of your little one trying to change her name! That is too funny!

  5. Way to go R!!!! So glad she is eating better. It is never fun to have a tiny toddler who won’t eat 😦

  6. I happen to really like the name Mimi too. I say let her change it. 🙂
    The real Mimi 🙂

  7. Ear infections are no fun!

    And I am cracking up about the name change thing 🙂

  8. Julie, R eats organic cookies. Eggless, she loves them but I am not sure how many others would. She really just prefers to be called Mimi, most likely it is a phase. A cute phase.

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