Toddler Speak

R made 2 new friends today!  Hopefully, she will get to see them soon.  R’s appetite is back today she drank her milk with added calories, cookies till we cut her off, a tortilla, raisins, some grapes and for supper chicken nuggets and french fries!  I so hope it stays this way.  She has not slept or ate well in weeks, poor kiddo lost weight.  We are adding calories to her food, as of friday she had gained half a pound.

R says thank you, please and now you’re welcome to everyone from ppl at the grocery store to other stores.  When we leave the drs office they get a loud GOOD-BYE.  Can’t blame her there.  She doesn’t need tubes and won’t if we can keep her healthy in the next few weeks.  Then we pass the window of opportunity or so her dr said.  I will hold her to that one, since I know much tubes will cost.

This afternoon I told R, I love you.  She said, “That’s nice”  “I bless you”.  After eating all of her chicken, 8 nuggets she said “Oh no, I ate all my chicken”.  Where in the world do they get this stuff???

This weekend was a four day weekend.  No clue when another one of those will happen since Hubby’s new job starts next week.  We saw the dr, (yuck) watched football (not impressive), went to church, went to the swimming pool and splash pad one last time.  Pool closed for the season after today.  And just played.  R is in bed asleep, very worn out.  Oh, yeah I forgot the camera. 

Fall for us hopes to hold some traveling-Hubby’s job, but we still plan on going to the zoo, pumpkin patch, a little travel.  I want to see a few football games, I really do like football most of the time.  I love fall, and cooler weather is nice.  I am not sure if our life will have a slower pace for a while though.  I find myself wanting the slower pace.  This post seems long the end.


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  1. I would like the fall to slow down a bit that’s for sure! The summer has went by pretty quickly.

    It’s so funny some of the things kids say! Kyndra constantly surprises me.

  2. So cute… she ate all her chicken nuggets!! SO glad fall is on its way!

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