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Dear Hermine,

Thank you so much for the lovely rain.  However, we could have lived without the loss of electricity for 5+ hours and the only reason we got it back then was because of where we live, the loss of internet till today, and oh yeah my kid is terrified of t.s. now.  R is not afraid of thunderstorms but she hated you.  The junk you blew in with you that left me with this wonderful head cold, I could also do without that. I am so tired of this humidity, hello it is September already.

The Lady who is SO ready for fall.

Dear Person who broke into Mailbox,

Yes, someone did break into and steal all the outgoing mail.  They did this the night before Hermine hit.  So, yes most likely they broke into the mail in the pouring rain.  Thanks, for stealing my Netflix dvd.  By the way, it is not like you got a great dvd or anything.  Seeing as I was returning, Anne of Green Gables.  You will be caught.

Mrs. Spock

Dear Friends and Followers,

If you are wondering why your blog was not visited well blame it on Hermine.  In fact, just blame everything on Hermine.  I so need a better week, next week.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Thank you for talking me to the pool and splash pad this summer.  I had so much fun.  I will miss putting on my suit, I really did not like it when Mommy hid it from me.  Yes, I know I would beg her to take me to the pool.  I will be back splash pad!  Auntie Margaret thinks we need a pool in the backyard.

Love ya,



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  1. Oh no. I hate losing electricity…my kids don’t like storms either. Hope they find the thief. Not cool.

  2. It’s hard to convince kids that it’s too cold to go swimming! I don’t blame you for hiding the swimsuit!

  3. Hermine blew right through my town and created all kinds of havoc. I stupidly tried to put gas in my van when the wind was blowing in a 360 degree circle. What the heck was I thinking?

    Thanks for linking up, I hope the mail thief gets caught. I do believe that is a felony.

  4. So glad that our “crazy” weather is just some sudden rain… hope there are no more outages for you!!!

  5. It is a felony yes. But I am chuckling that some moron thinks he got a good dvd, not!

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