Where were you on 9/11

I was in college.  I had two classes that day and one of them happened to be Government.  I watched the coverage in my dorm room before going to chapel.  The Pentagon was hit at about that time.

My parent weren’t at home and I freaked.  My sister has no real memories of 9/11 except for the fact that our Mom baked a cake that afternoon.  Yet, I think 9/11 hit her generation harder than mine.  My friends and I went bought flowers, we placed the flowers at the bottom of a large oak tree on campus.  We sat, held hands and prayed.  I have a picture of it somewhere.

I later dropped that Govt class because the professor did not want to talk about 9/11.  WE needed to talk about it. 

9/11 forever changed my life and I refuse to forget.


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  1. I was in Coach Liners algebra 1 at my high school. I seriously though for sure it was just some kind of mistake. I really figured that some inexperienced pilot had run into the first building. After we all realized what really happened I got so scared and just wanted to go home. They were not allowing anyone to call home or leave. I have to say it is a day that I will also never forget. It changed my husbands very much. He has served overseas twice. The first time he went it was in the very beginning when things were really bad. He saw terrible things. All because of what happened on 9/11. I loved your post 🙂

  2. I was also in college. We got a phone call early in California and I watched the TV for alittle bit. I didn’t want to go to class but did. I wish I had stayed home and watched the news with my husband. I remember a lady in my piano class didn’t know about it. (Many didn’t know yet.) and she got up quickly and said her son was in the military. She needed to go home and find out what was going to happen. What a crazy day. Crazy to think that happened.

  3. That was such a scary day! Made us all realize how very vulnerable we truly are! We were witness to the worst of a few and the VERY BEST of many.

  4. I almost did not write this post and then I saw another blogger that did it. Then it became why not?
    Amy, 9/11 changed my life forever and my spouse is not in the military. I have many family and friends who are or have been in the military. I am very thankful for men and women that are serving and still choose to serve every single day!

  5. I was in college too. Freshman yr. Was in one of my classes and we were touring the President’s office I think when we got the news. We turned on the tv. Later I went home and watched it there.

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