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Dear Wal-mart,

I am thankful to live in a city where I have a choice of where to shop.  However, other family members do not have that option.  My daughter and I will be traveling this winter to a town that only has Wal-mart.  Wal-mart however, does not carry her gluten-free bread or many of the other things she eats.  When in a store recently, I asked a manager why and he said it wasn’t that important!  Really?? As many as 15% of the world’s population have an intolerance to gluten.  I highly suggest you start carrying gluten-free bread in your stores. Not to mention that reducing wheat from your diet is good for people!



Dear Followers and Lurkers,

Please paint your toenails teal for Ovarian Cancer Month!  It is for a great cause, and the word needs to get about ovarian cancer.  Seventh Generation will also donate a $1 just by going here.  Ovarian cancer is a silent killer that is never talked about.

Thank you,


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  1. I hate it when stores don’t carry something you need!

    For me, it’s the right size hearing aid batteries. I know it’s frustrating. Sorry!

  2. I think you should contact Walmart and leave them a link to this letter. You never know, maybe they’ll start carrying Gluten-free products!

    Ovarian cancer is horrible. Breast cancer gets so much press, but ovarian is the one who needs it.

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. It really stinks that Wal-Mart gave you such a crummy answer! How rude! Stock up on the things you can’t buy at Wal-Mart before you leave! I know how it is having to trudge all over town to find the particular thing your child eats. Plus, I am picky and like my child to eat healthy 🙂

    Happy weekend!

  4. Walmart needs to carry stuff like that! I think they should carry more natural products too.

  5. Gluten free is becoming more and more of the trend in eating…walmart better step up their game.
    That is so cool about the toe nails. I wish I had known before I got my pedicure last week. I totally have the color teal in my nail polish bin. Maybe I can do the girls toes.

  6. Ah! yes…we shop for organic products and Wal-mart has only a small selection, so we shop at other grocery stores to get those…

    Hm…great idea for the painted toes :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    & thank you for stopping by and commenting and your entries! :o) Please be sure to add a separate entry for following, since I will be picking the winners randomly and each entry is counted separately… Your comment that you left, would be considered an entry. (hope that makes sense :o)
    since it was in the wee hours of the morning that I finished that post and put it up…I did edit it so that there are 2 more ways to have an entry than the original 4 that I had.

  7. I can’t believe he said it wasn’t important! there had to be a better way to voice why they don’t carry it right now! crazy 🙂

  8. I can’t imagine why Wal Mart wouldn’t carry that! And I bet corporate would not be thrilled with that manager’s response! I’d write to them and give them an earful!

  9. Oh that is do frustrating!! I am not a fan of Walmart any way!!

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