Fall and Allergies

These few days it has seemed like fall-well ok a humid fall.  It has rained everyday since Friday.  Still temps in the 80’s I am not complaining.  September is one of our wettest months. (All those hurricanes, I guess)  We went to an open house at R’s therapist on Sat.  Yes, my kid has a therapist she sits on the couch and talks about her life.  (jk). A occupational therapist. Then that evening we went out to eat.

When leaving the restaurant I saw an old friend and her family.  This friend was my maid of honor in our wedding years ago.  Then we had a huge fight and did not talk for years.  When we moved here, I knew that her and her family lived her.  So I found her number and called her.  We talk occasionally and are fb friends.  We have not see each other in years.  I told her this weekend, we should get the kids together for a playdate.  I do want to see her and meet her kids.  I regret the stupid fight we had years ago and want to be better friends again.  She is a great person.  At least, I am trying.

We have all had problems with allergies and but so far they have been minor.  R’s have  been the worst and really I don’t want to have to give her stuff.  I assume R has seasonal allergies, we don’t know she was only tested for food/drug allergies.  I am allergic to like everything (literally).  I also have mild asthma.  We take a great deal of homeopathic med.  Aloe vera juice works great drinking it everyday, we mix it with lemonade for a better taste! Aloe vera is great though, for many ailments.  We all do vitamins, a b vitamin, I take garlic, and there is an immunity booster vitamin that I am seriously considering.  Nature Plus makes the immunity vitamins. Homeopathic meds really work-the cost might be slightly more but not having to go to the dr is so worth it.  R is using a Xylitol nasal spray which is also great.  Saline also works good on noses.  That is what works for us!


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  1. My youngesdt has allergy issues… her’s are just geetting started too.

  2. Hi! I was just coming by to let you know I got my purse at Macy’s 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Our allergies are killing us here too (Oklahoma). Ragweed has been crazy and I suspect that the mold spores are kicking up too! I’m a firm believer in homeopathic medicine and supplements though I some times go a bit overboard! I was spending way too much money on herbals and health store vitamins and had to cut back. But I have taken echincea and found it to be helpful during the allergy and cold season.

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