Letters of Intent


Dear People who feel the Need to Complain,

Seriously, either stop complaining or just shut up.  The shutting up works well for me.  Since then I don’t have to hear you.  There is always someone else that has it worse than you.  Just remember that.  No, Julie I don’t mean you.  You deserve a pity party.  Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.  Matt 6:24 God always takes care of his people.


Dear Wal-mart,

You will be hearing from me again since last week I sent you a letter and below is your response.  Seriously!!!  Great Value bread has wheat,  they all have wheat you do not sell wheat free bread.  So your pat little answer does me no good.  I am considering calling someone in Management at this point, although I doubt that will do me little good.  But it is worth a shot.

Dear Sara,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.  Since 2005, over 900 of the private label “Great Value” brand products have been identified as gluten-free.  We are receiving many positive emails regarding this issue.  Look for the indication below the nutritional label.

For other brand names, please visit www.walmart.com / click on the grocery tab, then choose the ‘gluten-free’ link underneath ‘Specialty’.  Here you can find a limited list of other certain foods that are gluten-free.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Walmart Customer Care

For all those who do pray, please pray for my sister Tay.  She is going thru quite a bit right now, and has some difficult decisions to make.  Thank you


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  1. Hope Walmart can carry more of what you need.

    And hope all is well with your sister.

    God bless!

  2. Rachel, I doubt Wal-mart will every care it. They only care about money. Gluten free though can also be a great diet. All of our other local grocery stores carry it. Sigh. I just figure it is worth a try.

  3. I tell my kids to not talk when they are complaining too. I hate it when people complain.
    I will pray for your sister.

  4. Oh my gosh girl, I totally thought you were talking to me! Bwhahahahahaha.

    Let us know how Walmart continues to respond to you. Very interesting indeed.

    Thanks for linking up and prayers going up for your sister.

  5. Good luck with Walmart. I am sure they won’t care though. I don’t think the bottom line is customers 😦 But it is good to try and get your voice heard.

    Thank you for stopping by today and commenting on the Homeschooling. I appreciate it. I have been under the weather this week. Might be a sinus infection but I also feel achy and tired. So not sure. But it is not fun.

    The hubby is getting a good dose of “stay at home mom”. He told me during her nap, that it is quite difficult. (Welcome to my world!) I didn’t say that of course, I just agreed.

    Blessings this weekend to you and your family.

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