True Story Tuesday

This is my first time doing True Story Tuesday, but I have liked reading others stories.  We where at church, one Wed night this summer.  I was on my way to pick up R from her class when Mrs. X called to me. She handed me a cup, so I assumed she wanted water.  So I got her water from the water fountain.  I take the cup back to her full of water, and she just starts laughing.  It turns out she wanted me give the cup to someone, but I don’t remember her telling me that. 

She said, she would never ask me to get her water unless she was like dying.  She was so embarrassed and told me to tell no one this story.  I still think back and laugh though.


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  1. Oh man, do I have some true stories I can share 😉

    Maybe next week I will have to participate.


  2. I guess your mind was elsewhere when she said that! lol

  3. Haha. That sounds like something I would do.

  4. Yay for your first TST!!!

    I’ve done stuff like that before and it still makes me blush in embarrassment.

  5. I am visiting from Once Upon A Miracle, and I am your newest follower too!

    That totally sounds like something I would have done.

  6. Great story… I love this… So glad you decided to participate.

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