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Dear Piggies (University of Arkansas),

I will forgive you for losing last Saturday.  However, if you are losing during half-time of the Aggie game then I will put my kid in Aggie maroon got it? I really do like you Piggies but I also like the Aggies.  I can’t help if my kid looks good in red and maroon. 

A woman who like the Piggies and the Aggies 🙂

Dear Car Salesman,

Thanks ohh so much for trying to get us to buy one of your cars.  NOT.  When my hubby said we do not buy new cars he meant it.  We also don’t buy foreign cars!  I love my SUV, truly love it.  So no, I don’t want one of your cars.  And no, I won’t be recommending you to anyone. 

The woman who hates salesman

Dear Santa,

I realize you are on a budget which is why I am writing this letter in September, k.  This is what Mimi wants for Christmas, a pink 4-wheeler.  I will look so cute on it.  It must match my Minnie Mouse.  Yes, I do plan on riding with my Minnie Mouse.  I will also need a spot to put my bunny.  Cause if I leave her at home then she will get lonely. I realize this is not a cheap gift Santa, but I will be a good girl.  I will listen to Mommy and Daddy, and pick up my toys when asked.  I can help out by giving you some money from my piggie bank if needed.  Please Santa.

Love ya,


This picture came from my phone so please excuse the quality

We are dressing up for Halloween, so if anyone knows of any fairly cheap and cool ideas please let me know.


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  1. hahaha! If you really can get her to be a good girl and pick up her toys when asked (every single time) please tell me how!!! LOL We are struggling today 😦 I hope Santa can save up enough money to get her that Minnie Mouse matching ride! Amazing!

  2. Oh that jeep is fabulous! Your letter to the salesman makes me so grateful for ours. He searches through the old rental car pool auctions for our cars – much cheaper & better quality than on the lots! I despise our local car lots!

  3. I couldn’t believe Arkansas let Bama come back and beat them!
    Gig ’em Aggies! 😀

  4. The Aggies aren’t doing so hot right now are they? I don’t really follow football I just know my Aggie friends have been stressed.

    I don’t buy new cars either, but I’m ok w/foreign cars. I just don’t like their repair bills.

    Good luck w/that Santa gift. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Oh Santa. I don’t even want to talk about him yet! Every commercial my 3 yo son sees, he asks if he can have that for Christmas. No boy, Santa will not bring you twinkle to sketchers, geeze!

  6. Oooh – you are in trouble already if she’s figured out 4×4 toys! 🙂 Our kiddo loves them and is riding an itty bitty hand-me-down right now. Unfortunately, he’s ready to graduate to Mimi’s size, but darn those toys are pricey! eek!

    (I am totally counting on Craigslist this Christmas!)

  7. Yay for you buying American cars! My hubby works for an american manufacturer and it always kills me to see so many foreign vehicles.

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