These days

These days we are fairly busy.  Hubby is settling in at his new job, which he loves.  He will have to travel soon, he will be staying in Texas though so we can see him on weekends. We don’t know if he will have to travel out of state, yet.

Hubby and R were sick last week with strep (Hubby), R had bronchitis.  She never lost her appetite, or ran a fever.  R rarely has a fever (except with shots). They are both fine, now. Unless, you count the fact that R only wants to eat waffles with pb for supper.  I have started homeschooling R.  She loves learning and does very well.  We will have to have her re-evaluated in the future.  However, I am very confident that she will be caught up. She loves learning and I want to always realize learning is fun.   I will always listen to advice anyone has on homeschooling.

So if I don’t blog then I am busy with God and family.  The weather these days is so beautiful, I don’t want to stay inside.  Here are a few pics I want to share though.  First is R’s handprint at her therapist’s office.  They moved to new offices and the kids got to help decorate. 

The second is off a beautiful rainbow a few weeks ago after some afternoon showers.


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  1. Strep & bronchitis the same week? I think Momma needs some girl time!

    And good for you – putting God & family before blogging. We will be here when you have time.

  2. That’s nice that the kids got to help decorate the office. 🙂

    Glad your hubby is enjoying his job!

  3. Waffles & pb for dinner? I’m not seeing the problem here! All she needs is some nutella to go on it, and she’ll be good to go! 😀

  4. Glad to hear your hubbies new job is going well and that everyone is starting to fell better.
    Yeah I agree let her try Nutella and she might never eat anything else again!

  5. Mary and Denise, R can’t have Nutella she is allergic to diary which is in Nutella.

  6. I hope you’ve had your share of illness and are all healthy now! I home-schooled for 20+ years, and while I won’t say I loved EVERY minute, it was such a blessing for our family! And now that it’s over … I miss it!

  7. Glad he is loving the new job! Praise God!

    What a gorgeous rainbow! WOW! Again, praise God!

    Glad to hear everyone is recovering. I hope she gets off her waffle kick soon. That can be so tough! Been there, done that! For sure!

    I am so glad you are beginning homeschooling. It is the best part of our day 🙂 Lula Mae and I love it! I hope you enjoy it just as much! Remember, start small and have fun! You can do it! Always put God first, even in your schooling.

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