Letters of Intent


College football is changing… This week’s AP poll is the first in 50 years (Nov. 14, 1960) without Notre Dame, Penn State, Texas or USC. Texas fell out of the poll last week ending their streak (Nations Longest) at 162 straight weeks.  Read this on Hogville this week….interesting.  Yet in the case of UT and USC good.

Dear Disney,

Thanks oh so much for making this toy.  Not.  My kid saw it in two different stores, the other day.  She thinks she needs to have it.  At the cost, of $60 there are other things she needs a whole lot more.  This toy would not last and would get easily broken.  I cannot justify buying her this, no I am not one of those parents.  I don’t care if it is the hot toy this Christmas…..my kid does not need it.  She can receive other Disney items but this will not be one of them.

Disgusted with the price of this toy

Dear Fall,

Thank for arriving.  I love turning off the air and opening the windows.  I just wish the neighbors would umm keep it down.  R is happily, wearing long sleeves and loving it.  I love the cool mornings.  Fall is great!

Dear Car Wash Guy,

You have serious issues.  You drive a fancy car, dress nicely and just “felt” the need to do 20k of damages to a car wash.  All the while making sure you kept your clothes unwrinkled, and shoes not scuffed.  I am glad they got you on camera.  I hope you are caught and face serious charges.  You need anger management.  Your behavior disgusts me.

The woman who hopes you are brought to justice soon

For more Letters of Intent head over to Julie’s.  Happy Friday!!


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  1. I love fall too! Unfortunately yesterday was just a bit more like winter!

    And what on earth is going on with that car wash guy?!?!

  2. *ack* expensive kiddie toys drive me nutso too!

  3. OMG that Mickey toy reminds me of the talking Buzz I want that speaks spanish… too bad I know making it speak spanish didn’t warrant it to cost $100. I refuse to spend that much on a children’s toy that doesn’t cook me breakfast. LOL

    Great letters!

  4. $60 for THAT? Unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is that someone would actually pay that much for it. Hold out…she’ll eventually forget about it and move on to something else…hopefully to something less expensive!
    LOVE Fall, too! And the car wash guy: unbelievable, although nothing should surprise us anymore!

  5. Well R isn’t Minnie for Halloween for the same reason. $30 dollars for a costume, and then someone said they washed their kids and it tore. You can get great costumes for less than that won’t tear.

  6. Toys that are priced that high ought to be illegal. There is no way that thing cost anywhere near $60 to make. They are making a HUGE profit out of it.

    I am loving the fall weather too! I hope it stays this way. In TX it could get hot all over again before the month is over.

    That carwash guy sounds like a spoiled brat. I hope someone catches him too.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Oooo I have that issue with Disney too! We went to see Disney on Ice last week and the popcorn in a Disney bucket was £10 which is almost $20!!!! Obviously we didn’t buy anything!!!

    The car wash guy??? Huh!?! WTF? Hope you have a great weekend x

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