Letters of Intent


Dear C,

Thank you for being one of my best friends!!!  Thank you for sharing your doggies, and cars with me.  Thank you for the wonderful friendship that you and your family have given to us.  Thank you for teaching me things, I wasn’t supposed to learn hehe.  I hope you have a wonderful 3rd birthday, C!!!! Yes, today is his birthday!

Love ya,


Dear Random Woman,

This really happened, crazy ppl!!!  While at the grocery store this evening and yes R was with me.  I had taken her out to the car and was helping her in, when this lady a foot from us starts screaming.  “YOUR GONNA HIT ME”  over and over again.  By the third time, she said it I was looking for security.  She was making a scene and was ticked at me for looking at her.  The guy she thought was going to hit her never did by the way.  She never did move though and the whole time she kept screaming.  She also had a small child with her.  Lady, you need to stop screaming in the middle of the parking lot.  You need serious help, and yelled things no kid need to be hearing.

Dear R,

I love you dearly, but lately you have been… well… tough.  You don’t want to eat your fruit, which you need to eat.  Your crankiness is getting a little overboard.  That and you must have your white noise on to sleep at night.  So I get to hear airplane noise for hours on end.  I like white noise and all but it is making me sleepy and I feel like I’m going to be dreaming of airplanes before this is over.  Could we please have a better week next week?



Dear Weather,

Cool one day and warm days later is not fun.  We would all prefer it to stay cool and be cool, ok.  Also some rain would be nice.  And no more humidity till next year ok?  That is not too much to ask for is it?  The weather needs to be great this weekend for the hay maze. please.

I heart fall

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  1. That sounds like a Walmart tale! And it’s sad what some people do without realizing that their kids are like little sponges and taking it all in 😦

  2. Actually, it was our local grocery store.

  3. Wow that lady does need help! I hate that R had to hear that and see it! Yikes!

    Toddlers have their ups and downs for sure. Luckily we are in an “up” with Lula Mae (Thank the Lord!). I hope R starts to get back to normal soon. I know how tiring it can be for Momma. Not fun at all. Weird, Lula Mae has been weird about her fruit too…. and she loves fruit? Why do they do this to us??? LOL

  4. Happy Birthday to C… and goodness I can’t imagine having to witness that lady screaming in the parking lot! My hubby has two sound machines going at night! (After years of flying helicopters, he has some ringing in his ears, thus the sound machines!) I am thankfully a very sound sleeper, so once I am asleep…nothing can wake me up!

    OH! Hope you have an awesome time at the hay maze!!!! I have been wanting to do that or a corn maze!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    After returning from our visit with family, it was straight to work, but I had yesterday and today off from work, so I hope to get caught up on some blog reading. I did draw names and I just wanted to let you know-in appreciation to those that left comments but were not drawn, I am also offering 10% off of one order…I would have liked to do more free or 20% off, but especially with it this close to Christmas, I could not manage to get them done in time..but want to be sure that no one was left out. Please come by or let me know if you are interested.

  5. Oh grocery store parking lots!! Crazy!!

  6. Yes, I’m ready for the cooler weather to stay too. The mornings are beautiful, but it gets awfully warm in the afternoons.

    The woman in the parking lot cracks me up. Lady- walk somewhere so you aren’t in the way! Bwahahahaha.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Sounds like that lady was crazy!

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