True Story Tuesday: Princess

I am sure you have all heard stories where kids and pets have not gotten along.  For the most part our kid and cat do.  Princess is 4.  Oh R can be mean to her, but not ever that mean.

For the most part she just likes to brush her.  Well, one day recently I noticed she was trying to feed Princess.  She had food in her hand and was telling her to eat.  Yes, literally out of the palm of her hand.  Then I realized it was Princess’s cat food.  Princess was not too happy with her over that one, she wouldn’t touch it.  I quickly told R that we don’t have to feed the kitty she can feed herself.  I really just think she somehow thought she was helping.  It was rather cute.


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  1. Aww… that is sweet! And so helpful. Our girls manhandle our kitties. They just go along with it.

  2. Kids love to help…. even when their sweet help isn’t needed! LOL She is to sweet!

  3. Isn’t it amazing what we do to torture – ahem – help our pets out?

    My sister once cut off all of her cat’s whiskers because they were “ugly”. Poor cat couldn’t walk straight for weeks 🙂

  4. Aww! Though I can’t say I blame her for the confusion – I feed my horse out of hand all the time ! 🙂
    That is just too sweet!

  5. Oh, she was mean to our other cat. The one that no longer lives with us. But the cat did growl at her when she was a baby. She can also be mean to the kitty. But we tell her the kitty loves her.

  6. My own little girl loves to be a helper too 🙂 That is cute. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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