One crazy year in sports!

Everyone who knows us and reads this blog knows sports are big in this household!  Hubby loves the Razorbacks,  I think R likes em too.  She insisted on wearing her Piggie shirt Sat even if it was dirty (oops!).  I love all things Texas Rangers, and the Aggies.  Texas stinks this year which makes us very happy!!!  Mizzou beat OU Saturday, for the first time in years.  Baylor is bowl eligible, and of course the Rangers are going to their first ever World Series!!!!!!!!!!  The college teams that underdogs are good this year! 

I really hope Baylor beats Texas this year!  I lived near Baylor for years, and they are a good school.  R also likes to wear her Ranger hat.   The fact that they are headed to the  World Series makes me so happy.  They truly deserve it!  GO RANGERS!!!!

My hubby wanted to be able to get me World Series tickets, but that won’t be happening.  Still it is the thought that counted, and it was a very sweet thought.  I love the fact that he will watch the Rangers play, and has gotten into baseball.  He will cheer for the Aggies as long as they aren’t playing  the Razorbacks!


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  1. So glad someone else has a sports-junkie house!

  2. Gig ’em! My mom grew up down the road from Waco!

  3. Glad your teams are doing so well, as I hail from the great state of Tennessee and my blood runs orange, I can’t discuss our season. LOL

  4. I am not into sports at all. My hubby loves football and some basketball. He never has gotten into college teams though or baseball. I am glad kind of though. Football takes up enough of our time 😉

    Thanks for your kind birthday wishes.

    Have a blessed evening!

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