Letters of Intent-aka 100th post!!!


Dear Hubby,

I have threatened many times to write a letter of intent about you and never done it.  Your time is up.  Do not believe the tall tales our toddler tells you.  She likes to play games, haha.  Thank for getting the car all nice, clean and shiny last weekend.  Can you stop throwing junk around in it and keep it this nice please!

The woman who likes a clean and shiny SUV

Dear Disney Channel,

My kid is only allowed to watch certain shows , could you please stop changing the time her fave show MMC comes on!  She watches only this show and the show also helps give Mommy a break. 

Dear Politician,

You are a horses  rear end.  Very glad you were voted out of office.  Not only were you a drain on taxpayers money but the things you said.  Like who would vote for your opponent and you didn’t have to answer our questions.  You made yourself look so stupid Tuesday night and I hope ppl remember that.  Since I doubt we have heard the last of you.  You might not live in my area but still glad you are out of office!   I guess the last joke is on you haha!!!

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Thank you for taking me out to eat tonight. Mimi loves her some chicken and waffle fries.  And no we did not eat at Chick-fil-a, aka her fav place. 

Love ya,


I am sorry I have been quiet this week but R has decided that sleeping at night is umm, overrated.  Leaving me very sleep deprived!

For more Letters of Intent visit Foursons.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

This is actually my 100th post since I made blog changes!! 


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  1. Ha! I love that you are threatening your hubby to write him a Letter of Intent. That is awesome.

    I think all politicians are horse’s rear ends. That’s right, I just lumped them all together in one big, fat stereotype.

    Who serves waffle fries other than Chick-Fil-A? I thought they had a patent on those things.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Blogs are always a good place to get husbands to obey! LOL
    I’ve tried it a few times!!

  3. I sure hope hubby hears the message, ha! I also sure hope you get some sleep very soon!


  4. I won MMCH dvd at a Twitter party recently. My Princess loves it!

    Love your Letters of Intent, always.

    Blessings to you and Happy Weekend!

  5. Well, hubby does read the blog. Hehe. He encourages my blogging and used to write posts at the old site.

  6. Ha! Good luck getting hubby to obey! Every time I try on my blog, he starts teasing me in the comments! And congrats on the 100!

  7. Too funny, poor hubby! Love your letters and I hope you get some sleep this weekend.

  8. I feel your pain on the sleep deprivation- my baby has decided taht 3 am is a great time to visit with me lately.
    I also hate it whenDisney changes their times for the shows. I finally gave up and started using dvr for everything!
    visiting from foursons letters of intent

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