A Blog Award

Thank you, Mary.  I am honored!!

I really enjoy reading Mary’s blog.  I miss living in a small town, and look forward to the day we can live in one again!  Stop by and say hi to her!

Seven things about me.

I love to read, and prefer it over tv.  I also love  to blog!!

Hubby supports my blogging and cheers me on!

My fave holiday is Thanksgiving and after that Easter!  I am big on tradition, and we don’t do anything Christmas till after Thanksgiving!

We almost got a dog this weekend.  A chihuahua, he is good with kids and likes cats.  Our cat grew up with a dog, and is a social cat.  R is an animal lover, it is in her genes.  She got mad when we left the dog, since she even got to walk him.  Hubby told her we can get a dog someday.

I am very blessed!!

I love to drink tea and have started drinking more coffee.

I hate the dumb hot and then cold weather in Texas, I prefer that the weather stay cold.  Ok, cold for us.  I kind of miss the cold and rainy weather we used to get in the winter.


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  1. Congrats!! I love TV and I love to blog too!!

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