November Thankfulness

I know that so many people are doing 30 days of thankfulness.  Which, yeah I could do.  But it kinda irritates me when people are thankful that  traffic was light  on 35?  I mean seriously!  You can’t  find anything better than that I can.

I am thankful for a wonderful daughter, who fills are lives with so much light and laughter! 

I am thankful to be her Mom, and to spend my days with her.  Even on the days when I need a break. 

I am glad my husband, has a job that he loves and that he can make a difference.  That is what he has wanted. 

I am thankful for the wonderful people in our lives!  I am thankful to be an American, and to worship at the church at we attend. 

 I am thankful for the sun that warms a cold day. 

For a forgiving God, who always knows what is best.

I am thankful. for the opportunities to serve at church, even if it makes my weekends seem so short.  I haven’t heard a sermon in almost 3 weeks due to helping. 

For quiet reflection time, while R sleeps.

There are so many that I could list, but do you really want to hear all of them.  Most likely, no.  So I will leave you with these.

May everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!  We need to remember our blessings year around and not just at Thanksgiving, may God help us do this.

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