Holidays and School

R loves  to learn, I do mean LOVES. The last time we where at Target she picked out a learning book.  Yep, and very proud of it.  She loves it.  She is on the floor beside me working on her numbers and letters, because she wanted to.  I want her love of learning to always be this strong.  We will start talking about Christmas next week.

We had a great Thanksgiving.  The restaurant we choose was great, not at all crowded and they had good food.   Then we saw a movie ok, hubby and my sister saw Harry Potter.  I saw Morning Glory.  Which I really liked.  We rarely see movies at the theatre so it was nice.

Hubby had to work today, so it is quiet and Aunt Tay had to go home.  Good thing we get to see her again in two weeks.  We are looking forward to it.  But it seems that in the next two weeks, I have so much to do and extra hrs to work.

My sister is in her last semester of college, ok almost.  This semester has been hard on her, and she will be glad to see it over with. She has applied to grad school at Oklahoma State and I really hope she gets in.  It is kind of nice having Hubby’s family and my sister living in the same state.  R was pulling on her boots this morning saying she was leaving with her Aunt.


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  1. That’s awesome she likes to learn! Hopefully that will stay with her thru life!

  2. My kiddo is like that about his aunt too – he would get dressed and go home with her if I let him! 🙂 Isn’t it sweet that R loves her aunt so much?!

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

  3. It is wonderful that R has such a great relationship with her aunt!!! And she love to learn with is swesome too.

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