True Story Tuesday

Remember this summer when we temporarily misplaced R, and someone suggested she learn our names besides Mommy and Daddy.  Well, she has except she is taking it a bit far.  She rarely calls her Daddy, Daddy anymore.  Instead, she will yell Robert.  Which is ok at home.  But this weekend, we were at a theme park.  Daddy walks away from the table and she starts saying, Robert come back.  (Yes, like the commerical she has never seen)  It was very humorous, and I was grinning. She has said that at the drs office as well.  I am just waiting for the day someone asks isn’t this your daddy and she says no this is “My Robert”.  It doesn’t help that her besties dad has the same name.  She even confused her friend’s mom this past weekend.  We do correct her some but she keeps on doing it, so at this point we figure it is just a phase that she will grow out of it.


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  1. That is HILARIOUS! Itty Bit started that whole name thing – and I’m not too crazy about it – I’m enjoying Mommyhood too much!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Yeah, prolly just a phase!

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