Travel thoughts

After traveling for over 2 weeks, yes 2.  So happy to be home.  I walked outside in just a shirt tonight, no sweater or coat.  Yeah, it was cold minus the wind but still felt good!

It was cold, yet we still did not see snow.  Yep, my kid has never seen snow before.  Then I brought out the old by the time your dad and I where your age story.  We had seen snow and walked in it.  Her eyes got so big around and she was silent.  Then she actually fell asleep in the car on the way home, and slept till we got home.  She rarely sleeps in the car and is not the world’s best traveler.  We have to travel with an ice chest, with her milk for one.  Traveling with a kid with food allergies is not easy!!

Hotel rooms are ok, at least R liked it.  We stick with the same hotel chain, which is nice.  In all the travel, some things got overlooked big time.  Opps!  We traveled with Minnie Mouse, a fish, and two small bunnies.  We came home with 2 Minnie’s, a fish, two bunnies, a sock monkey, and baby doll.  Lol.

My kid does like her bed the best,  and so do I!!!!!  She might hate her car seat after this, and she rides in a Britax.  When traveling with kids be prepared big time.  This was our first long car ride.  The only thing open on Christmas Day is Denny’s, Chinese and I-Hop.  I-Hop will be your friend, and don’t be dumb enough to make fun of the other ppl there!!!  I really like coffee, oh wait I already did.  I also missed my gym!

Oh and we decided after all of our recent travels to move again!!!  Yep, that is right.  We have decided to move to the Waco area.  We like it, and well R is only 2 she can adjust.  As long as we stay away from other cities we should be ok, right????

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