I don’t want this blog to be all about R.  I will do occasionally post about her.  So here is what she has learned since Christmas.

She can count to 15!

She is pretty good about her colors.

When I asked her fave color she looked at me and said, “Pink of course”

She truly believes you do not leave the house without a hair bow or a hat.    You have to look good even for the grocery store!

She will be attending preschool this fall.  She seems to be okay with this.

She loves to cook and play with cars.  Her best friend C loves dinosaurs.  Her daddy shakes his head and says what is the world coming to when girls like to play with dinosaurs and cars.

Her best friends are still C and K sisters, and C a boy.  She lights up when she sees them and looks forward to when she will see them next.

She is mostly potty trained-that she decided to do on her own. Although, I reluctant to put her in underwear all the time when we are out.

She loves chocolate milk, and chicken.  She is still very picky.  Although, she will eat sweet potatoes and carrots.

She is getting into 3t shirts and dresses.

The other day at the they weighed her and then I had to pick her up she hates the dr,  I told the nurse she needed to check her weight again because she must weigh over 30 lbs.  And she believed me.  She doesn’t weigh over 30 lbs.

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